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In addition to our standard Money Mailer program and services offering, Money Mailer of Greenwood has partnered with vendors to offer clients direct mail postcards and other marketing services. We can work with you to develop Post Card mailing campaigns and other print and direct mail services such as EDDM through the U.S. Postal Service.


Money Mailer of Greenwood provides integrated shared mail and interactive solutions for businesses. This allows the business to accurately target the best households in their territory.

Shared Mail Envelopes. These are full color, oversized, two-sided ads that are sent to one or more 10,000 household zones. They reach high income households where customers live, dine, and shop. Creative and demographic consultation services are available to assist you.

Online Coupons. gives their clients an online presence, increases the reach of the campaigns, allows the customer to print at home, and expands a client's visibility by its alliance with leading coupon sites and direct links to client's websites.

Mobile App. The Money Mailer app allows customers find offers wherever they go, reaches local customers when they are in the client's neighborhood, provides contact info, maps and directions to the business, and customers can redeem offers from their phones in most client businesses.

Local Email Campaigns. Allows clients to send exclusive email offers to local consumers. Target email campaigns reach consumers who are looking for neighborhood savings. Money Mailer manages the campaign and email lists.

SmartZones® Targeting. Money Mailer's unique and exclusive mapping program provides detailed maps and reports with key, client-chosen, demographic, and psychographic variables to help clients pick the best zones in which to send mail. This helps them maximize their ad campaign response and the return on their advertising investment.

Call Tracking & URL Tracking. Measures consumer response to a client's ad via a unique phone number or URL link to help document responses and calculate ROI.


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