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Money Mailer of Greenwood is owned by John Fisher/Fisher Marketing, Inc. It is a locally owned franchise of Money Mailer LLC, a shared mail and digital marketing company serving businesses throughout the United States. Money Mailer of Greenwood has been serving the Greenwood and Indianapolis area for over 20 years. Money Mailer envelopes are delivered monthly to the Greenwood/Indianapolis area as well as millions of other households around the country.

We help local businesses deliver their message directly to the best households in their area, on a local, regional or national basis, for pennies per home. The households that receive our mailers are significantly above the national averages for income, home ownership, education, and families with children. They have the disposable income, and wants & needs that most businesses are seeking.

We have innovative tools, such as our SmartZone mapping program, which allows us to help a business owner choose the areas with the best demographics to match his offering, thereby allowing them to control advertising costs and optimize their response. Additionally, the Money Mailer website and mobile app give businesses a digital presence and help consumers access the local businesses offers wherever they may be.

Money Mailer has been delivering results to businesses and great savings to consumers around the country for over 35 years.

About the Owner

John purchased Money Mailer of Greenwood in the spring of 2014 from Martin Direct Marketing, owned by John & Sharon Martin.

Originally from Missouri, graduating with a degree from the University of Missouri in 1989, John has lived in the Indianapolis area for over 20 years.

With over 25 years of successful marketing, sales, business development, consulting and management experience, he has worked with a variety of businesses in Indiana and other states to increase sales, improve efficiencies and market their products and services. His broad spectrum of knowledge and experiences greatly assists local business owners with the marketing of their businesses.

John works directly with clients to develop their advertising program, campaign and ads. He especially enjoys helping clients try to improve and grow their business and can also assist with post card mailing and other marketing needs.

For questions or more information please contact us via phone (317.832.3190) or email.


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